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Britishvolt extends partnership with University of Warwick

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Following the success of a 12-month project involving Britishvolt and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick, the two organisations have agreed a multi-million-pound deal for a new two-year programme.

Britishvolt is currently in the process of building the country’s first battery gigafactory at the old coal yards of the now-demolished Blyth Power Station. Domestic battery production is regarded as being essential for the future of the UK’s automotive industry as it transitions towards producing an increasing proportion of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Britishvolt’s gigafactory is expected to begin production of 38GWh of batteries in 2024 and start meeting this need.

The WMG in Coventry will now assist Britishvolt in developing battery cells, such as taking the targeted cell designs, formulations and material sets of Britishvolt and developing appropriate manufacturing processes for cells and electrodes.

Britishvolt’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr Allan Paterson, said the company was pleased to continue working with WMG, saying its expertise had already directly benefitted Britishvolt’s technology development, adding:

“This gives us not only an excellent basis to progress from, as we seek to scale and commercialise our technologies, but the relationship also enables Britishvolt to continue to develop our products further, as we continually strive to deliver best-in-class, market-leading, cell technologies to our customers.”

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