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BT Group to buy renewable energy from Total

BT Group, which was formerly known as British Telecom, has signed a three-year deal with Total to supply it with renewable energy. BT alone consumes almost 1% of the electricity produced in the UK, but to offset the environmental impact of this, the company has committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2045.

The deal with the energy and lubricant company will put BT well on track to achieving this goal. Under the deal, from April next year, Total will supply 1,124 GWh of electricity to power over 3,000 BT sites around the country. This is equivalent to about half of BT’s annual electricity usage. The electricity will be supplied by various renewable energy generation sites around the UK, including a mix of wind, solar and hydro.

Total Gas & Power’s General Manager, Dave Cranfield, expressed the company’s pride at collaborating with BT to provide 100% renewable energy and help it achieve its net-zero goal by 2045, adding:

“We will continue to work closely with our UK customers as the demand for renewable electricity grows, and Total will continue to evolve and invest significantly in carbon neutral initiatives over the coming years.”

The deal builds on previous efforts by BT to reduce its carbon footprint. In recent years, it says it has cut the intensity of the carbon emissions resulting from its operations by 42% and lowered carbon emissions in its supply chains by 8%. All its buildings and networks are also already entirely powered by renewable energy.

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