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Case study shows Texaco lubricant can last six times longer

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A mixed agricultural business in Germany, TACT Von Eller-Ebersteinsche BGA GbR, has found through oil analysis that its new biogas engine can run about six times longer without an oil change when using the high-performance Texaco HDAX 9500 gas engine oil.

The business had been using a 250 kW MAN gas engine for its biogas plant, with the heat produced being used to heat the farm’s residential buildings and stables, and the generated electricity being sold to the grid. Thomas von Eller-Eberstein used to change the oil at the standard 400-hour interval.

When the business acquired a newer 360 kW MAN E 3248 LE 222 gas engine, von Eller-Eberstein decided to complement it with the Texaco HDAX 9500 advanced gas engine oil and Texaco Delo XLC for improved heat transfer.

After changing out the “break-in” oil, von Eller-Eberstein used Texaco’s LubeWatch service to monitor the oil condition and was surprised to still be getting good results after a thousand operational hours. He added:

“The data was excellent. In the second round of tests, the analysis showed that some 2,500 operating hours could be achieved. This was over six times more efficiency for the plant as I compared the 400 hours of the smaller engine with the 2,500 operating hours of the new and larger engine.”

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