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Castrol showcases carbon-neutral automobile workshop

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Together with car maintenance firm German Experts, Castrol has announced the first automobile workshop in the Middle East to become entirely carbon-neutral.

A car maintenance workshop would not typically spring to mind as an environmentally friendly operation due to the numerous oils and greases being used and the energy required to power the various equipment. The two companies therefore formed a partnership to find new ways that go beyond industry regulations for storing and disposing of materials and cleaning up.

Where possible, the workshop will be powered by renewable energy. The remaining carbon footprint was assessed by leading sustainability firm EnviroLink and verified by outside auditors. The remaining excess emissions were then offset using UN-approved carbon credits to make the workshop carbon-neutral.

German Experts’ Managing Director of Car Maintenance, Ibrahim Ezaldeen, said about the process of becoming carbon-neutral:

“While we are constantly looking for avenues to reduce the emissions, I am now looking into the possibility of reducing carbon footprint through optimal energy consumption, using best-in-class practices for waste disposal, reducing plastics, and implementing turnkey sustainability solutions to solve complex energy challenges.”

Ezaldeen also stressed his belief that running businesses on a carbon-neutral footing will be a necessity in future. While adapting industrial processes to have a minimal carbon footprint is a long-term endeavour that may need new technologies and infrastructure, at TrAchem, we can help you to make a start by introducing you to lubricant supplies that are carbon neutral, such as the Castrol Edge Professional range.

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