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Castrol tests circular transmission oil in Formula E


In collaboration with the Jaguar TCS Racing team, Castrol has successfully re-refined old transmission oil and used it in a Formula E race car.

Castrol has been Jaguar TCS Racing’s official partner for electric vehicle (EV) fluids since 2019, and this allows it to test new EV lubricants and fluids under the most challenging conditions. The lubricant maker collected Castrol ON EV transmission fluid that had been used in the team’s development and test activities and applied a technique to save the main base oil before blending this with additives to create a more circular transmission oil.

This oil was then used in the gearbox of the team’s Jaguar I-TYPE 6, instead of a product based on virgin oil. It was then tested in the iconic Monaco E-Prix—which features difficult corners, sections suitable for high speed and winding streets—and found to perform on par with a virgin product. The data from the experiment will ultimately be useful in developing similar products for road vehicles.

Castrol’s chief marketing officer, Nicola Buck, said:

“Our partnership with the Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E Team puts our range of EV Fluids to the test on the track. The performance of our more circular Castrol ON EV transmission fluid in an extreme race environment gives us and customers confidence of the high-quality and high-performance of these fluids.”

She added that such endeavours help the company in pursuing more circular solutions, such as by lengthening the longevity of products and investigating how they can be reused or recycled.

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