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Chevron promotes semi-renewable petrol fuel

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US-based oil major Chevron has teamed up with automobile maker Toyota to promote a new partly renewable petrol blend through a road trip along the US-Gulf of Mexico coast.

Over half of the content in the new fuel comes from renewable sources, meaning that over its lifecycle, it is around 40% less carbon intensive. While this is still more than a battery electric vehicle charged on renewable energy, for example, it has the advantage of being suitable for use in today’s petrol vehicles through the existing fuel network.

Chevron, which also makes the Texaco-branded range of grease of lubricants, said in a press release that it believes in low-carbon transport for the future, pointing out that it already offers renewable diesel and natural gas solutions. It added:

“To complement these efforts, Chevron has developed, produced and tested blends of renewable gasoline with the goal of such blends being manufactured using today’s infrastructure and used in almost any gasoline-powered vehicle to deliver an immediate carbon intensity reduction over traditional gasoline.”

The road trip will start in Mississippi, pass through Louisiana, and finish in Texas. During the trip, representatives will chat with the public about the advantages of using its part-renewable petrol blend and other biofuels to cut their carbon intensity without the need to invest in new vehicles.

Chevron also runs a network of around 800 Texaco-branded, independently owned petrol stations in the UK, so it seems likely that UK motorists will also be offered low-carbon petrol in future.

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