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Cummins celebrates 30 years of partnership with Valvoline

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Leading engine maker Cummins has celebrated the 30th anniversary of its partnership with Valvoline Global, a world-leading provider of industrial and automotive fluid solutions.

Teams from Cummins and Valvoline Global have been collaborating in both the laboratory and the field to develop complementary products since 1994.

One of the first products of this cooperation was the Premium Blue motor oils, which are the only range of commercial vehicle oils endorsed by Cummings for on- and off-highway applications using its engines.

Valvoline Global’s CEO, Jamal Muashsher, said about his company’s relationship with Cummins:

“Our partnership with Cummins is one that we are really proud of. At Valvoline Global, we’ll continue innovating, whether its diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, alternative fuels and future technologies. Whenever Cummins creates a product, Valvoline will make sure there are lubricants, fluids and sustainable solutions that complement it.”

Heavy Duty Trucking, a publication for the trucking sector, recently cited Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 as a leading innovation in lubrication technology.

This revolutionary solution was formulated to be suitable for a range of applications, whether they be light, medium or heavy duty, as well as natural gas or diesel engines. This enables fleet managers to drastically consolidate their lubricant supplies, thus saving time and money during procurement, and reducing the chances of refill errors, such as using gas engine oil in a diesel engine.

Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 also enables longer drain intervals for both fuel platforms, which in turn reduces maintenance costs.

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