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Denmark achieves wind power record

Denmark set a new record for wind power in 2017 by sourcing 43.6% of its total electricity needs from wind energy, edging out the previous 2015 record of 42%.

Over the course of 2017, Danish wind turbines generated a total of 14,700 gigawatt-hours to set the new production record. It is believed that Denmark could be producing about half of its electricity needs from wind turbines by 2020, with other renewables sources, such as solar power and biomass, bringing total renewable electricity generation up to about 80% of demand.

A particularly notable observation is how this new record has not come about due to an increased number of wind turbines. Compared with 2001, Denmark’s total wind power capacity doubled to 5.3 gigawatts, yet the number of wind turbines is now 20% lower. This seemingly illogical situation resulted from older turbines being replaced by larger, more efficient modern ones, often in combination with modern synthetic lubricants, such as Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT from Mobil stockists. Most offshore wind turbines, which generally benefit from stronger and more consistent wind speeds, were also built around the Danish coast after 2001.

Denmark has long been a leader in wind power, with Danish companies like Vestas and Ørsted (formerly known as Dong Energy) participating in projects around the globe. Denmark also benefits from a state-of-the-art power grid that allows the efficient distribution of electricity through the country. This also includes multiple interconnections with the Norwegian, Swedish and German power grids, enabling excess power to be exported and additional power to be imported when required.

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