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Does Morris Lubricants offer oils for classic cars?

To ensure the maximum performance from any engine and to avoid unwanted wear, it’s vital that the type of motor oil used matches its requirements. Over time, car engines have changed in terms of design, and the oils developed to effectively lubricate them have become ever more advanced. However, the complex filtration systems found in modern engines are lacking in the inner workings of older vehicles, making many of today’s motor oils unsuitable.

Fortunately, leading lubricant manufacturers are still designing and producing oils that are designed to work with vintage vehicles and classic cars to ensure they can keep running. Among such companies is Morris Lubricants, a long-standing, family-owned British firm that has been operating since 1869 with an international reputation for excellence, serving over 80 different countries around the world.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of Morris’ offerings for those with classic vehicles.

Introducing the Golden Film range

The talented team at Morris Lubricants has combined the most advanced additive technology available today with traditional, tried and tested oil properties that are renowned for their quality, creating a range of dedicated products for classic vehicles called “Golden Film”. Easily identifiable with Morris’ blue and yellow branding and emblazoned with the Union Jack flag, the Golden Film range stands out on the shelf and offers perfect protection for older models and cherished classics alike.

Over the years, the Golden Film selection has become well-known for its quality, earning it critical acclaim from classic car and vintage vehicle enthusiasts across the globe. Each product in the range has been lovingly developed and expertly engineered by the team at Morris to provide lubrication for all kinds of vehicles.

Exploring oils for classics

The oils produced by Morris support the traditional motors in cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as agricultural and commercial vehicles.

Golden Film Classic 2-Stroke Oil serves the requirements of veteran and vintage motorcycles equipped with two-stroke engines that are air-cooled. It provides exceptional anti-wear properties and a robust lubrication film ideal for older engines, like those in motorcycles from the 50s, 60s and 70s made by BSA, Lambretta, Honda, Vespa and Yamaha, among others.

On the other hand, Golden Film SAE 20, a classic motor oil, is suited to not only vintage motorcycles, but cars and tractors too. Featuring low detergent and dispersant properties, this oil is well-suited to four-stroke diesel and petrol engines that are naturally aspirated, alongside vehicles that house gearboxes with a classic design. Finally, unlike modern motor oils, this dedicated lubricant has been designed to work with older engines and will ensure that any unwanted contaminants end up in the sump instead of causing harm to components.

With a passion for classic vehicles and a strong desire to protect the vintage market, Morris Lubricants has supported the industry since its inception and considers itself a true pioneer in creating ideal oils for the job. With an in-depth and specialist understanding of the needs of classic car components and engines, the innovative research team at Morris Lubricants has used its expertise to develop an impressive range of premium products.

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