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Everything you need to know about Fuchs

Fuchs Lubricants is the result of the merging of various companies occurring during the last 140 years. The length of time that the company has been involved in producing lubricant and other specialised formulas makes Fuchs the world’s biggest independent manufacturer of such products. Its oils are used in aerospace, automotive, commercial, construction, food, glass, marine, military, paper, rail and wind sectors, as well as many more.


The roots of Fuchs are firmly based in Germany, a country renowned for its excellence in engineering. The company began in Mannheim in 1931, and has evolved over the decades to what it is today. Under parent company Fuchs Petrolub SE, Fuchs is the largest independent supplier of lubricants on the planet.

Fuchs currently has over 5,000 employees, who work in 45 nations. Shares in Fuchs Petrolub SE are traded via the stock exchanges of Stuttgart and Frankfurt, yet over 50% of the shares are still owned by the Fuchs family, who therefore maintain overall control.

Six key categories

Over 10,000 products are made and marketed by Fuchs. These are split into six distinct categories – automotive lubricants, lubricating greases, industrial lubricants, metal processing lubricants, and special application lubricants, as well as services. More than 100,000 customers worldwide procure their lubricants from Fuchs.

Those who rely upon Fuchs’ expertise include those from the agriculture, metalworking, mining and exploration, forestry, mechanical engineering, construction and transport, and power generation industries, in addition to the cement, metal, and steel industries. There are also food and beverage producers that use Fuchs lubricants, plus those who specialise in the casting and forging industries.

Communication and innovation

Fuchs is proud to maintain close contact with its customer base, and uses feedback and suggestions from the same in order to develop products that meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. Within the lubricant market, Fuchs intends to provide reliability, performance and sustainability, so its products are intended to be as safe, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

The aim of Fuchs is achieved by means of the company’s intention to create innovative, holistic, and custom-made lubricant products for a huge range of industrial applications. Its products range from oils designed for the initial fill of passenger cars and other more heavy duty vehicles, to lubricants made for industrial use and those intended for very specific applications.

Examples of Fuchs’ innovation include its engine oils that are tailor made to reach the parts where they are most needed extremely quickly, which makes start-up smoother and more reliable. Fuchs’ industrial lubricants, meanwhile, are intended to make processing smoother and more efficient, which leads to lower power consumption.

Fuchs lubricants

The lubricating greases produced by Fuchs include bearing, gearbox, machine tool and even rail vehicle lubricants, as well as biodegradable, food grade and assembly greases. Its metal processing lubricants are free from harmful ingredients, yet remain highly effective, while its range of special application lubricants includes over 1,000 products.

Fuchs also offers lubricant management services in addition to its industrial lubricants or metal working fluids that have a great impact on manufacturing efficiency. Whatever your lubricant needs, there’s sure to be a Fuchs product that can enhance company productivity.

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