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Everything you need to know about Texaco

Oil products made by Valero Energy Ltd, which is one of the Valero Energy Corporation’s subsidiaries, are marketed as Texaco branded fuels and lubricants. Such Texaco products have now been sold for over a century in the UK and Ireland.

Ever reliable

Texaco products have a well-deserved reputation for reliability, quality and performance. The UK network of around 800 Texaco outlets is the biggest chain of independently owned and operated service stations in the British Isles. In addition, there exists a large network of distributors supplying a range of Texaco-branded products to consumers. These customers include everyone from domestic car users to the owners of multi-million pound industries.

Close to 800 staff are directly employed in the UK by Valero, while thousands more are employed by the owners of Texaco-branded service stations across the country. Extra employees, meanwhile, work at Valero’s oil refinery in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

This refinery producing Texaco lubricants was established in the mid 1960s, and is now one of Europe’s biggest and most complex fuel manufacturers. The South Wales refinery is one of largest employers in the area. As well as this facility, Valero possesses major ownership interests in a number of the UK’s major pipelines, plus half-a-dozen fuel terminals. The company also runs a large scale airline fuels business.

Socially responsible

Valero is keen to integrate health and safety, environmental responsibility and the community into all aspects of the business. To this end, there is a comprehensive occupational health and safety programme in place, which must be adhered to by every single one of the company’s employees, whether they work at senior management or apprenticeship level.

Texaco’s parent company also plays a part within the local communities in which they are based. This is achieved via investment in various projects that benefit people in the local area and make a real, discernible difference to their lives. Valero also supports a range of local and national charities, and there is a volunteering culture in place within the company, where hours worked by employees are used for the gain of UK charities rather than to amass profit.

Texaco has been something of a trailblazer when it comes to the environment too, as one of the first groups of service stations to introduce ultra-low sulphur fuels to UK consumers. Valero also wishes to be an innovator and leader in the field of biofuels, which it believes will have an increasingly crucial role in fuels used to power agricultural, passenger and commercial vehicles.

The company has also become the first of the large oil refiners to start producing ethanol-based products, and has already heavily invested in companies that are working to promote the use of alternative biofuel types. These environmental efforts have already led to reductions in emissions, plus advances in the production of cleaner traditional and ethanol-based fuels.

Whether you want a good quality oil for your farm equipment or a lubricant to keep the wheels of production moving smoothly and seamlessly, Texaco products can provide their users with a cleaner, more responsible and efficient range of lubricants.

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