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Everything you need to know about Total

Total has produced oil and gas products for almost a century, while also being a stalwart of the British oil industry since the mid 1950s.


It all started in 1924 when Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP) was created, and the company used its oil production activities in the Middle East.

In the UK, Total began as Total Oil Great Britain, and the company later merged with Elf and Fina. Total is now one of the largest suppliers of quality lubricants in the world, producing oils that are used in a range of industries – from the automotive and aviation industries, to cement, food, metalworking, manufacturing and paper production.

Growth and diversity

The company has more recently expanded and diversified into the search and development of refining petroleum, gas, petrochemicals, and petroleum-based products. Contemporary innovations in which Total has become involved in include bioenergy, solar power, and the long-term storage of energy. This prioritising of innovation dates back for almost 100 years to when the company was first formed.

Today, Total is a major global player in the oil refinery and fuel supply industries. The company develops and markets low-carbon electricity as well as natural gas, fuels and lubricants. As an organisation, Total and its employees are dedicated to providing more affordable energy sources that are also cleaner, greener and safer. They also wish to ensure that as many people from across the planet as possible can access their products.

Currently, Total deals in over 130 countries, and its ambition is to achieve status as the most responsible major supplier of excellent energy, fuel and lubricant products. People are placed at the forefront of the company ethos, and the values of teamwork, performance, respect, pioneering and safety are paramount. These principles shape Total’s relationship with its employees, shareholders and customers alike.

“Responsible energy major”

Once again, Total’s ambition to be what it calls the “responsible energy major” governs how the company faces the security, environmental, health safety and ethical risks present within the oil industry. Of the five core values listed above, Total defines respect for one another and safety as the two key issues that guide everything it does.

Total sees its employees as one of its greatest strengths, so the technical expertise and management skills of Total staff are central to these ambitions. Across the globe, Total provides jobs for over 100,000 people, and many of these are employed in sales, marketing, production and other support roles within the business.

With a strong global presence, Total’s commitment to producing cleaner, more environmentally responsible and more affordable products leads to a whole host of benefits for customers, who gain some of the finest oil products available anywhere, that are sold at a great price point and come with benefits for the planet and its people, as well as the consumer.

From a car or tractor engine oil to specialist oils that keep the wheels of industry turning as fluidly as possible, Total lubricants can supply just the right product to enhance the life and performance of your vehicle or machinery.

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