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Expert oils for vintage vehicles from Morris Lubricants

Established in 1869, Morris Lubricants has an extensive history in producing premium quality lubricants. Among the largest of the privately-owned lubricant manufacturers in Europe that use a cutting-edge UK plant for its base, Morris is a British, family-owned enterprise. In its 150 years of operation, the company has made an international name for itself developing and producing high-quality services and products to a wide range of sectors in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Morris also produces specially formulated oils that are designed with classic cars and other vintage vehicles in mind. Answering the unique needs of these older models, the carefully crafted oils avoid the modern methods of manufacturing that have proved ineffective on classic vehicle engines. As well as cars, trucks and motorcycles, these oils can also help older models of equipment like farm machinery stay well-lubricated and in working order.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll look at some of the reasons why these Morris products might prove advantageous for owners of classic machinery who want to keep their vehicles running on the road, and we will take an in-depth look at one of the motor oils in the range.

Understanding what vintage vehicles require from an oil

Morris know that choosing the right motor oil for an older model vehicle, whether it is a motorcycle, passenger car, commercial transport or even a piece of farm machinery, is a critical decision. In part, this is because the more modern oils produced today tend to be engineered with high-spec additives that more veteran vehicles struggle to cope with. These high-tech additive packages include both dispersant and detergent properties, which hold harmful contaminants in suspension before filtering them out via advanced systems. Older model engines don’t possess such high-tech systems of filtration, and they use a more basic strainer-type mesh gauze, so if the wrong oil is used, contaminants will continue to build up, leading to damage and disrepair.

To answer the requirements of vintage vehicles, Morris has produced the Golden Film Classic Motor Oil range, offering improved properties for anti-foaming and delivering high performance for vehicles with classic gear boxes or four stroke engines, as well as low dispersant and detergent qualities.

Advantages of Morris Golden Film motor oils

An example of the bespoke range is the Morris Golden Film SAE 20W-50 Classic Motor Oil, which has been thoughtfully manufactured with a base of premium quality mineral oils and an additive package that includes only low detergent and low dispersant properties. These elements make it especially suitable for classic cars and other vintage vehicles, including agricultural equipment and commercial fleets using older models. It is also ideal for use with four diesel and four stroke petrol engines that are naturally aspirated.

Morris have designed Golden Film SAE 20W-50 as a low dispersant oil, so it will enable all solid contaminants and debris to fall harmlessly into the vehicle’s sump, a process that is essential for machinery fitted with a mesh gauze-type filtration system. On top of this, the classic motor oil also provides excellent oil pressure when working and enhanced cold-start circulation.

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