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ExxonMobil enters global collaboration on lubricants for gas engines

ExxonMobil, which makes industrial lubricants such as Mobil SHC 630 and Mobil Vactra 4, has teamed up with General Electric (GE) to aid the owners of GE Jenbacher gas engines in getting the most from their equipment by using Mobil Pegasus oils.

ExxonMobil will also work with GE on developing lubrication technology to meet the changing needs of future gas engines.

GE’s Jenbacher engines can be used to generate anything from 250kW to 10MW of power using a gas fuel, and are capable of producing a combination of electricity, heat and cooling. While natural gas is the obvious fuel choice, especially for oilfield generation, the engines can also run on renewable and waste-to-energy gas fuels, such as landfill gases, which in a modern operation are collected and flared to prevent the methane, which is a greenhouse gas, from leaking into the atmosphere. This means landfill operators can generate revenue from power generation while disposing of this problem gas.

ExxonMobil’s Strategic Global Alliance Director, Tim Hinchman, commented about the collaboration:

“We’ve built a strong working relationship with GE and many end users over the past two decades. This new collaboration validates the leadership of our Mobil Pegasus family of lubricants and underscores the many benefits they can help deliver to end users.”

The benefits offered by using oils from the Mobil Pegasus family include a reduction in oil-change frequency (meaning less oil needs be purchased), improved equipment reliability and efficiency, and better engine availability with lower operating costs.

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