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ExxonMobil introduces a new series of gas engine oils

ExxonMobil has launched its new Pegasus 1100 series of oils to keep pace with recent developments in gas engines.

This next-generation series was developed in response to requests from prominent OEMs for a product that can lengthen drain intervals substantially while also coping with the demanding conditions of their latest engines. Mobil claims the drain times with the new oils will be 50% longer when compared to competing mineral oils.

When communicating to the press, Inken Reuser, an ExxonMobil industrial marketing advisor, told reporters:

“Gas engine development is pushing the boundaries of engine design to try and increase gas engine power and reduce costs. In turn, this has put higher demands on lubrication.”

The new series comprises two different oils. Mobil Pegasus 1107 is focussed on natural gas engines with a high level of severity, while the Mobil Pegasus 1105 aims to meet the requirements for various piston types.

Mobil claims its new lubricants reduce oxidisation and maintain thermal stability, which in turn helps to prolong the effective life of the oil. It also helps prevent liners from becoming scuffed and slows down the wear of engine components thanks to its anti-wear capability. Furthermore, the oil limits the formation of varnish and carbon deposits, which in turn keeps gas engines cleaner.

ExxonMobil is a prominent oil and gas company, and through its Mobil brand, it supplies a range of greases and oils for industrial and automotive use. Its products can be sourced through Mobil distributors in the UK.

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