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ExxonMobil launches its Robotics Reverse Pitch Challenge

ExxonMobil, together with BBL Ventures, has begun inviting entrepreneurs to take part in its first Robotics Reverse Pitch Challenge.

As part of the challenge, applicants will pitch a technical solution for one of the problems specified by ExxonMobil. The winning applicant will receive a $60,000 prize, as well as the possibility of engaging in a commercial pilot of the proposed solution.

A research and engineering technology scouting and ventures advisor at ExxonMobil, Tim Westhoven, said about the new challenge:

“This event will showcase ExxonMobil’s commitment to innovation by inviting outside companies to partner with and solve challenges ExxonMobil employees face in the field. We are extremely excited to sponsor this event as well as the opportunity to partner with entrepreneurs who are on the forefront of technology.”

ExxonMobil, which also makes extreme pressure gear oils like Mobilgear 600 XP 460, has identified the promotion of personal safety as a priority, and this is reflected in the challenges.

The first challenge is to find a solution to prevent technicians in PPE (personal protection equipment) from being exposed to flow or residual material in pipelines by remotely closing an opened flange on detecting a leak or other release.

The second challenge relates to electricians’ exposure to arc flashes. Applicants are invited to develop a mechanism for two specified units to reduce the risk of arc and thus enhance the personal safety of electricians working on these units.

Entries need to be emailed to BBL Ventures by 11:00 pm CST on May 13, which is 5:00 am on May 14 in the UK.

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