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Former Shell headquarters to be demolished


UK-based energy major Shell has applied to demolish its former Aberdeen headquarters of 50 years.

When Shell, which also makes grease and lubricant products like commercial vehicle oil, arrived in Aberdeen in 1965, it established its headquarters on Aberdeen’s renowned Union Street. The company later moved to the Tullus office complex in 1973. It returned to Union Street earlier this year, saying that the Silver Fin building would provide a more modern working environment for the ongoing energy transition. It also said the move would help regenerate the city centre in Aberdeen.

The company marked 50 years of North Sea oil production in 2018, and while oil and gas production peaked in the North Sea about 20 years ago, Shell continues to operate a number of assets, and it has interests in some offshore wind projects.

While the Tullus building was seen as being symbolic of the boom times in north-east Scotland following the discovery of North Sea oil, it appears that the age and overall condition of the building make it unlikely that a new occupant would be found. The application made to Aberdeen City Council said about the office complex:

“The applicant is proposing to demolish the buildings as their age, construction and floor plates do not lend themselves to an efficient or sustainable future use. The buildings are predominantly vacant and have been stripped of furnishings with limited welfare facilities remaining.”

The demolition will take place over a year should the plans be approved.

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