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Government shortlists BP-led Teesside projects

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Two prominent low-carbon projects in Teesside moved a step closer to initiation as the UK Government included them in the shortlist for its Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage initiative. The projects are principal elements of the Teeswork complex, which aims to become the UK’s main hub for a diverse range of sustainable, low-carbon activities.

The UK head of country at BP, Louise Kingham, said that the company’s plans for CCS, power, and hydrogen in Teesside were crucial to its commitment to investing in the UK, adding:

“The homegrown energy produced at NZT Power and H2Teesside will boost the UK’s energy security and delivery of its bold net zero transition plans. The jobs that the projects will create, together with our investment in green skills development and education initiatives, will support Teesside’s transformation into a world-class, low carbon energy hub.”

Net Zero Teesside Power (NZTP), while operated by BP, is a joint venture with Equinor. This 860 MW power plant will be fuelled by natural gas, though it will feature integrated carbon capture to reduce emissions. H2Teesside, meanwhile, will have the ability to produce up to a gigawatt of blue hydrogen by the end of this decade.

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