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How did Morris Lubricants mark 150 years of excellence?

Morris Lubricants has an esteemed heritage. From its humble origins in the 19th century, it has risen to become one of the biggest lubrication manufacturers in Europe.

Still privately owned and operating a cutting-edge manufacturing plant right here in the United Kingdom, Morris Lubricants is a family-owned enterprise. With a lasting legacy, it is now operated by the fifth generation of its founders, the Goddard family, and it stands by its original company motto:

“To do the common thing uncommonly well brings success.”

Now serving clients and customers across over 80 nations around the world, it has earned a reputation of quality, flexibility and innovation, always staying in line with the modern market and using the latest technology available. When a company has received international acclaim for its products and services, it’s understandable that it might want to celebrate its anniversaries.

In 2019, Morris Lubricants reached 150 years in business, but unlike many companies and corporations, which would simply settle for a massive party and a commemorative plaque, the leading lubrication firm marked the occasion with quite a different endeavour.

Introducing Talisman

Instead of a standard celebration, Morris Lubricants decided to honour 150 years of producing premium oils by building a massive steam engine known as Talisman Fowler B6. The last time that a road locomotive of its kind had been constructed was in 1931.

The extensive project involved a secret build entirely from scratch and the expertise of a customer and friend Alex Sharphouse, along with the assistance of Roger and Jack Dibnah and Guy Martin, Morris’ own brand ambassador.

An engineering enthusiast and skilled engineer himself, Sharphouse had been exploring his dream to build the venerable vehicle when Morris Lubricants heard about the potential project and decided to get involved.

Executive Chairman for Morris Lubricants, Edward Goddard, explained:

“As a family of steam enthusiasts ourselves, when we heard of Alex and the work that he was undertaking we were very keen to get involved. To build and bring such an iconic engine out of the history pages and back into present day life was not just an irresistible challenge that we wanted to be a part of it also coincided with the 150-year Anniversary of Morris Lubricants. Illustrating our respect to the skills and expertise of the past and our commitment to innovation and the future, we felt that Talisman was the perfect fit for us.”

An award-winning achievement

The tireless efforts of all involved saw the epic six-year long scheme reach completion right on schedule. Developed in Cumbria, the now fully operational Talisman was transported back to Shrewsbury, where Morris Lubricants is based for the Shrewsbury Steam Rally. On August 23, 2019, the icon engine rolled into the firm’s headquarters with two generations of the Goddard family present to witness the momentous occasion.

Later at the rally, the outstanding achievement captured the hearts and minds of the judges, and the Talisman received the “Best in Show” award.

Since 2019, Morris Lubricants has continued to build on its reputation while expanding its selection of specialist lubricants. Along with developing solutions for the latest hybrid electric vehicles, in March this year, it launched Agrimax, a range of multifunctional lubricants for the agriculture sector, designed with premium-quality base oils and the latest in additive technology.

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