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How to protect vehicles and equipment from wet weather

Summer 2021 has seen many parts of the UK experiencing significant rainfall, from showers and storms to heavy downpours, resulting in flooding for both urban and rural areas, and the roads that connect them. This has meant that many enterprises using mechanical equipment and a variety of vehicles have seen their machinery subject to increased moisture.

With the iron alloy steel being a common component of mechanical equipment, machinery exposed to the elements must be protected, or it runs the risk of rusting. In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at this corrosive menace, how it occurs, the damage it can cause and its potential consequences. We’ll also explore a solution that can help equipment and vehicle owners alike to mitigate its effects and combat the threat it represents.

What is rust?

When metal that contains iron or iron alloys interacts with oxygen and water, rust – sometimes referred to as iron oxide – occurs. Renowned for being reddish brown in colour, it is often seen on scrap cars and corrugated metal fencing left unprotected outside over time.

What is the impact of rust?

Rust can be devastating to the metal it spreads through, not only ruining its outward appearance, but breaking down its structural integrity, weakening it. Moving parts may become rusted shut, making them immobile, while key components may become hard and brittle, breaking or snapping when they are needed most.

This can lead to costly repairs and maintenance downtime, impacting workflow and production, but it can even result in entire pieces of equipment requiring replacement. In the worst-case scenarios, equipment and vehicle failure due to rust can result in injuries to users, drivers and those nearby when an accident occurs.

What are rust preventatives?

Designed to prolong the lifespan of equipment and ensure vehicles and equipment are protected from corrosion whether they are in service or storage, rust preventatives are a simple but effective solution. Cleverly formulated, these products are designed to defend all metal surfaces in conditions where rust is a threat.

How do they work?

Rust preventatives form a protective film that seals surfaces from airborne debris and moisture, keeping machinery well defended. Formulas are designed with swift drying times and impressive emulsification attributes to enhance the way they work. They will commonly leave a waxy coating on components that is able to repel unwanted moisture, ensuring rust can’t gain a foothold, and they are offered in a variety of different formats to suit specific applications.

Defending equipment with world-class rust protection

The harm caused by rusting is considerable and can lead to a lack of productivity, expensive repairs and loss of investment, as well as putting lives in jeopardy.

Fortunately, leading suppliers of specialist rust preventatives, like Millers Oils and Houghton, have created dependable products that can protect equipment, regardless of what the British weather has in store for your equipment.

Whether you’re running vehicles on the road or stationary equipment that operates outside, remember to treat all machinery that may be faced with risk of rust with a dedicated preventative.

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