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Hoyer and Shell piloting diesel alternative

Commercial Vehicles

Shell has divulged that it is conducting a pilot project for an alternative diesel fuel in partnership with Hoyer, a leading specialist in global bulk logistics. This pilot programme began in May this year and involved switching a portion of its Hoyer-operated fuel-delivery fleet to Shell’s Gd45 fuel, which is a low-carbon alternative to traditional diesel fuel.

Shell developed the fuel in cooperation with Green Biofuels. To make the new Gd45 powered by Shell GTL fuel, Shell blends Green Biofuels’ HVO Gd+ at 45% with its own GTL diesel alternative fuel, which uses Shell’s gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology to produce a cleaner burning fuel from natural gas rather than crude oil. Overall, this is expected to help fleets reduce their carbon-equivalent emissions by as much as 40% without requiring costly modifications or sacrificing vehicle performance.

Shell’s UK Distribution Operations Manager, Steve Brown, said that meeting demand while also balancing:

“…the need for more sustainable operations is a key challenge for businesses across the industry. With this pilot programme, we hope to demonstrate that switching to lower-carbon fuel alternatives doesn’t need to be a complex process and drop-in solutions are an effective way for fleets to progress their environmental goals.”

As well as being used to produce cleaner fuels, Shell’s GTL technology is also used to make base oils for advanced lubricants like Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology Plus, which performs superbly at low temperatures and better resists oil degradation. You can contact our knowledgeable team here at TrAchem to learn more about these products.

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