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Impressive agricultural lubricants from Mobil

Counted among the world’s largest companies, ExxonMobil is also a leading manufacturer of both mineral-based and synthetic lubricants. For over 120 years, the firm has been producing lubricants of exceptional quality for a wide range of sectors, from industrial to automotive. Experts in lubrication, the specialists on staff at Mobil cleverly craft fluids and oils to suit equipment requirements and the specific needs of different industries.

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at two of the most impressive offerings available from Mobil, designed to help agricultural operations work at maximum capacity.

Mobil Agri Fluid 424

Providing the ultimate in lubrication for both stationary and mobile farm equipment, Mobil Agri Fluid 424 is a high-quality and multipurpose solution for agricultural enterprises. This top-performing lubricant can work equally well as a hydraulic fluid or transmission fluid for tractors and other farming machinery.

While Mobil’s Agri Fluid 424 is created using a blend of the superior mineral oils, it has been infused with a carefully formulated additive package to offer outstanding enhancements in not just wet brake, but also power take-off chatter control. The additives ensure that the fluid also retains its viscosity during active service.

Farming equipment must often work under extreme conditions that can put heavy strain on its components over time. To combat this, Agri Fluid 424 includes protective properties that defend machinery in even the most severe operating situations. These additional elements added to the fluid offer robust protection against rust and the thermal degradation caused by extreme heat, as well as aiding with the removal of harmful sludge deposits that build up.

Mobil EAL HYD 46

From government aims to reduce emissions to green initiatives protecting natural resources, the world is increasingly focused on new methods and materials that offer reduced harm to the environment. Whether farm equipment is stationary or on the move, a high volume of fluid release while working can be expected in certain operations. From hydraulic oils to transmission fluids, lubrication leaking from agricultural machinery can seep into the soil and enter underground watercourses. In these types of operations, an oil that is eco-friendly is a wise solution.

Mobil EAL HYD 46 was designed for just this purpose, and is not only acceptable environmentally, but has also been designed specifically for use where a high rate of oil leakage is likely ensuring minimal harm occurs. This is achieved by a base fluid made of purely natural vegetable oils with a high index viscosity. Exactly like other modern lubricants available today, Mobil’s green solution contains a carefully balanced selection of additives, however, in EAL HYD 46, all included are entirely non-toxic. This means that it can still offer farm equipment enhanced anti-wear defence, resistance against corrosives and deliver oxidation stability while helping protect the land the machinery is working.

A strong example of Mobil’s expertise can be found in these products it has created for the agricultural sector, which answer the demands of enterprises working farmland across the globe.

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