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Jetex first to offer Shell’s SAF in the UAE

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Flight support company Jetex has announced it will be the first to offer sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to its customers in the United Arab Emirates.

Shell, which also makes lubricant products like grease and gear oil, makes SAF from renewable and waste resources, such as agricultural and municipal waste and used cooking oil.

When used in its pure form, it can result in an 80% reduction in lifecycle emissions. It is currently expensive to produce, but Shell hopes to scale up production once there are stronger demand signals. Deals like the one with Jetex are vital to achieving this goal.

The IATA has committed to making aviation net zero by 2050, so Jetex has developed a strategy for adopting green technologies at its various operations around the world, recycling and reducing carbon emissions. SAF presents an easy way to reduce the carbon emissions associated with flying, because when blended at up to 50% with conventional aviation fuel, it can be used in existing aircraft without any modifications.

Shell Aviation’s general manager for Asia and Middle East, Doris Tan, said:

“To reduce emissions from flying, all parts of the aviation value chain need to play their part. This is particularly crucial for private business customers, as they can create a concentrated, high-impact demand for SAF. Additionally, expanding the availability of SAF to new locations is equally important.”

She added that collaborating with Jetex to build up Shell’s coverage for SAF in the Middle East had been greatly rewarding.

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