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Key qualities to consider when selecting agricultural oil

From hay and foraging machines to tractors and harvesters, all mobile and stationary farming equipment require agricultural oil to keep running. Designed by expert manufacturers such as Q8 and Mobil, dedicated agricultural oils have been formulated over time to meet the rigorous demands of today’s modern farm, ensuring that the machinery employed to work it keeps operating in peak condition.

Agricultural oils need to tick a lot of boxes to do their job effectively. Many farms use a wide range of different machines of varying size, type, and age, so it is often essential for the oil to work effectively across all these categories when possible. The primary task of agricultural oil is to ensure certain equipment is always working smoothly at maximum performance. This will reduce costs and save on maintenance time, leading to more effective operations and prosperous enterprises. However, an oil should also protect machinery over time, adding to its years by defending it against wear and oxidisation, and be sensitive to the environment.

In the following sections, we take an in-depth look at some of the key factors to consider when picking an oil designed for agricultural equipment.

Developed to be eco-friendly

Choosing an agricultural oil that harms the environment is counter-productive for any farm, but thankfully there are many green-minded options available from well-known brands, including Mobil. Whether agricultural equipment is fixed in place or mobile, a certain amount of oil leakage is to be expected during operation, so ensuring what does end up in the soil has as little impact as possible is vital. Today, eco-friendly options can easily be found that contain non-toxic additives and use a vegetable-based fluid with natural properties, giving it a high level of viscosity.

Formulated for maximum performance

A specially designed agricultural oil, designed to deliver maximum performance, is critical. Superior oils are now created by combining mineral oils of high-quality with specially developed additives to provide operational enhancements during service, including chatter control while under power, wet brake start-up, and shear stability.

Machinery that runs at an optimal level can not only work harder and faster, saving valuable time, but also saves money too, as it is far less likely to need costly repairs that disrupt work and negatively impact operations.

A multi-purpose option for any weather

Oils that are multi-use can sometimes be beneficial to providing a versatile solution for a range of different systems. Some, such as tractor lubricants, can be employed to help both transmission and hydraulic systems operate efficiently.

For quality performance from agricultural machinery all year round, selecting an oil that can deliver whatever the weather is a must. Agricultural oils are readily available that offer assurance that they can keep equipment running, even during the colder months of the year.

Protection from ageing

Finally, an ideal agricultural oil should have properties that extend the lifespan of farm machinery. Premium products are available that contain additives designed to resist rust and thermal degradation while defending equipment against sludge build-up, which can damage equipment and shorten its years. Selecting an oil with these qualities will ensure those using equipment will get the best return on their investment over time.

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