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Kluber Lubrication receives sustainability award

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Leading sustainability-rating company EcoVadis has awarded its Gold Medal to Kluber Lubrication for the third time.

EcoVadis comprehensively assesses companies in terms of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its independent platform. It considers around 130,000 companies around the world, with it only awarding its GoldMedal to the top 5%.

Kluber, which is an expert in supplying speciality lubricant products like gear oil, continued to rank highly in the categories of “Labour and Human Rights” and the “Environment”, while it was also elevated to the top level in the “Carbon Management” category.

Kluber Lubrication’s Sustainability Manager, Markus Hermann, said that awards like the EcoVadis Gold Medal demonstrate to the company’s employees and customers the regard that Kluber has for responsibility and sustainability issues.

He added:

“We are particularly pleased about the Carbon Management rating of the highest level as ‘Leader’, because as a company, we are not only pushing forward our own climate action plan with great commitment, but are also increasingly supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals with our products and services.”

He added that by working with its customers since 2007, Kluber’s projects to improve energy efficiency had cut energy use by approximately 4%.

Kluber has received multiple awards in recent years in recognition of its sustainability and responsibility efforts. It received the ESG Transparency Award in December 2023 for the quality and transparency of its sustainability reports, as well as a European Responsible Care Award in November last year for its work towards climate neutrality.

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