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Kluber showcases its speciality lubricants

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Leading lubricant maker Kluber has showcased its speciality products at the India Steel Expo 2023, with it emphasising how they can help steel facilities to improve productivity and ensure reliable operations.

Kluber challenged the accepted norm that commodity lubricants should be applied frequently to equipment. It said that with its speciality products, unscheduled stoppages can become a thing of the past, even while using significantly longer re-lubrication periods. In addition to reducing scheduled downtime, this also enhances occupational safety by reducing the need for workers to access potentially dangerous areas.

When using Kluber’s synthetic gear oils, such as the Klubersynth GH 6 and GEM 4 ranges, the company says that energy consumption can often be reduced by 2–5% compared to traditional options, leading to substantial savings given the high energy costs at the moment and helping firms to hit their sustainability targets.

Kluber also talked about how it had developed the Kluberplex HB 98-601/602 BH multi-use, high-performance greases in partnership with a prominent steel maker. Not only did this address a problem with the casting process often being line jammed, but it also reduced the consumption of lubricants and allowed for longer intervals between re-lubrication.

The boss of Kluber’s business in India, Hitendra Bharagava, said:

“We have more than 50 customers in India who are greatly benefitting from the product in terms of lowering their lubrication consumption, lowering bearing failure, promoting reliable operations & achieving higher productivity.”

Kluber’s range of products is, of course, also available in the UK through all good distributors.

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