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Manufacturing group on recruitment drive

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The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), a consortium of a specialist engineering design agency and eight subcontract manufacturers, has urged people to consider applying for the more than 50 vacancies it has, following advances in electrification technology and a series of reshoring wins.

MAN operates 13 factories with over 1,750 employees and it is looking to recruit for a range of roles, such as technical salespersons, SMT quality technicians, CNC machine setters and casting experts. Positions as apprentices and interns are also available.

The co-chair of the MAN and CEO of James Lister & Sons Group, Peter Davies, said that UK manufacturing industry was doing well despite the economic challenges beyond its control.

“There are lots of opportunities out there for firms who are delivering new innovations and world class performance. We need extra resource and across the nine companies we’ve got more than 50 live vacancies—the issue is trying to find people in a shrinking labour pool that hasn’t been helped by Brexit.”

He said that this had caused the network to become more creative in how it attracts staff, such as by offering detailed progression paths and new incentives, as well as collaborating with schools to nurture the next generation of talent.

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