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Microsoft and BP combine for digital solutions

Software giant Microsoft and energy major BP have embarked on a new strategic partnership aimed at finding digital solutions to transform their energy systems.

Both companies have committed to achieving net-zero emissions in the coming decades, and the joint innovation effort will help by taking advantage of their complementary strengths. For example, BP will provide renewable energy to Microsoft, which runs power-hungry data centres around the world, while Microsoft will help BP to apply its Azure cloud-computing service.

BP will look at applying Microsoft Azure to develop a wide range of cloud services for its operations, which include oil exploration and production, the development of lubricants like slideway oil and the generation of renewable energy, among others. This development may include using data analytics and machine learning to optimise operational performance.

An Executive Vice President at BP, William Lin, reiterated the company’s commitment to reach net-zero, while also helping the global community to follow suit. He pointed out, however, that no one company can achieve all this on its own, and added:

“Partnerships with leading companies like Microsoft, with aligned ambitions, are going to be key to achieving this. By bringing our complementary skills and experience together, we are not only helping each other achieve our decarbonisation ambitions but also creating opportunities to support others on their journey towards reducing carbon emissions.”

Microsoft’s net-zero commitment is particularly ambitious, with it aiming to reach net-zero by 2030, before then compensating for all its historical emissions.

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