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Mobil 1 to celebrate anniversary with new motorsport liveries

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With the iconic Mobil 1 motor oil brand celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Mobil will mark the event with 40 custom paint schemes and liveries for this year’s motorsports season.

The liveries will signify the milestone by featuring anniversary gold and other distinctive features that represent the collaboration between Mobil and its motorsports partners.

As well as being a popular synthetic passenger car engine oil, many prominent racing teams choose to use Mobil 1 in their racing vehicles. By testing new formulations under extreme racing conditions, Mobil has ensured that its flagship product continues to provide superb engine protection and performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Mobil’s director of global sponsorships, Robert Shearer, said that the company was excited at introducing the new liveries to celebrate the Mobil 1 lubricant brand’s anniversary, saying:

“These liveries exemplify our collaborations in lubricant innovation in the world of motorsports. Together, we’ve crafted livery designs that not only pay homage to the 50-year legacy of the Mobil 1 brand, but also capture the essence of speed, performance and teamwork.”

He added that he looked forward to motorsports fans witnessing the result of Mobil’s collaboration with its partners on the racetrack this year.

The new liveries will feature across a number of teams in various motorsports disciplines, such as 23XI Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing in the NSACAR Cup Series, Oracle Red Bull Racing in Formula 1, the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, and Red Bull KTM in MotoGP, to name but a few.

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