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Mobil adds MobilGard M420 to its marine range

ExxonMobil, through its Mobil lubrication brand, has released its new MobilGard M420 oil for medium-speed marine engines.

This 20BN oil has been thoroughly tested for use with the low-sulphur fuels needed for the global 0.5% sulphur cap being introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Under the new cap—which comes into force on January 1, 2020—all ships will either need to use low-sulphur fuel or install a scrubber to reduce the emissions from non-compliant fuel.

In addition to meeting the changing needs of marine engines, like all advanced lubricants from Mobil distributors, the new oil boasts exceptional performance even under challenging conditions. By maximising the life of vital wear surfaces and extending component life, the new oil can help minimise the costs of maintenance and operation.

What’s more, thanks to its low BN, MobilGard 420 is also suitable for use in engines fuelled by liquefied natural gas, so a single lubricant can be used in dual-fuel engines regardless of which fuel is currently preferred.

A global marine equipment builder manager at ExxonMobil, Steve Walker, said about the new lubricant:

“This addition to our Mobilgard M Series range of oils will support vessel operators’ transition to a low-sulphur future. Used in combination with Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, Mobilgard M420 can help ensure operators safely and efficiently comply with the IMO sulphur cap, without compromising on vessel performance.”

Mobilgard M420 is expected to be available at major hub ports like Rotterdam from early August, with a subsequent rollout to other ports.

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