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Mobil launches new oil for Jenbacher gas engines

Together with partner INNIO, Mobil has announced the availability of its new high-performance gas engine oil for INNIO’s Jenbacher range of natural gas engines, specifically types 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9.

The Jenbacher N Oil 40 oil was developed in collaboration with INNIO based on an earlier agreement. When the two partners developed the oil, they sought to meet the changing lubrication needs of natural gas engines in a way that would enable greater engine reliability and uptime, which in turn will lead to lower maintenance costs and higher revenues through increased power generation.

The new product also boasts a longer usable life, depending on conditions and current lubricant product, without risking damage to vital engine components. Operators can also benefit from combining INNIO’s performance management solution with Mobil Serv oil analysis to ensure optimal protection and performance.

ExxonMobil’s Europe Energy Manager, Elisabetta Scossa, talked about how the new lubricant had come about:

“ExxonMobil and INNIO engineers focused on INNIO Jenbacher gas engines lubrication requirements in more than 160,000 hours of field data across multiple engine platforms. This contributed to the development of the new Jenbacher N Oil 40 that helps to double both oil and filter life.”

Scossa added that as the new gas engine oil is able to be used in the whole Jenbacher range of natural gas engines, operators with multiple engine varieties can also benefit from streamlined inventory costs. This can also help simplify maintenance and reduce the chances of lubrication error.

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