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Octopus to buy energy from Dogger Bank

Wind Energy

The fourth-largest energy supplier in the UK, Octopus Energy Group, has signed a deal with Shell Energy Europe Limited to buy electricity generated at the Dogger Bank offshore windfarm.

The Dogger Bank project is currently under construction off the North East coast of England. With a capacity of 3.6 GW, which is equivalent to powering about six million homes, it will be the largest windfarm in the world. It will also benefit from being able to scale up turbines in an offshore setting, with each turbine blade being 107 metres long.

Octopus Energy Group’s Head of Energy, Matt Bunney, said about the purchasing agreement:

“If the energy crisis has taught us anything it is that we need to move fast to an energy system based on cheap renewables—and Dogger Bank will help to get us there…I’m delighted that our team managed to secure a long-term contract under Shell’s PPA…”

Shell also said it was pleased that it would be supplying Octopus Energy with renewable energy and expressed its pride at supporting such an ambitious project to generate renewable energy. Shell Energy Europe has already agreed to handle 20% of the output from Dogger Bank, and from this it will supply up to 2.4 TWh to Octopus Energy. This is potentially all the power needed to supply about a quarter of the company’s customer base.

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