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Oil prices hit two-month high

Oil prices rallied to a two-month high at the start of the week, amid possible sanctions against Venezuela and positive US data.

WTI crude futures briefly exceeded the $50 a barrel mark but pulled back slightly, while Brent crude future peaked at $52.90 a barrel. The spot prices at 09:22 GMT were $40.67 and $52.16 respectively.

The US is said to be mulling sanctions against Venezuela following Sunday’s vote to elect a constituent assembly, which has been denounced as a ‘sham’ by Washington. Despite holding the world’s largest proven oil reserves, Venezuela’s oil production has been hit by disputes with oil service providers over unpaid fees. Furthermore, of the 1.9 million barrels it does produce each day, the country only makes money on 700,000–800,000 barrels, with rest being used to pay back loans to China and Russia or made into heavily subsidised petroleum for domestic use.

ExxonMobil, the maker of the extreme-pressure grease Mobilux EP 2, has also been involved in a years-long battle with PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-run oil company, over assets that were seized by the government in 2007 as part of its nationalisation of the oil sector.

While sanctions against Venezuela can only strengthen oil prices, the signs of tightening in the US market are likely to be more significant. US crude inventories have fallen by a tenth from their peak in March, and new drilling in the US seems to be stalling, with only 10 new rigs in July. US production also dipped slightly in the week ending July 21.

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