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Petronas discovers oil offshore of Suriname

Sea Oil Rig Drilling Platform

The Malaysian state-owned energy company Petronas has discovered oil within the Roystonea-1 well while exploring Block 52 offshore of Suriname.

The company announced that it had encountered a number of campanian sandstone reservoir packages that were oil-bearing below 904-metre-deep water, some 185 kilometres from the coastline.

Block 52 is located to the north of Suriname’s capital Paramaribo, and is 4,749 square kilometres in area. Petronas is the designated operator for the block, in which it holds a 50% stake.

The remaining 50% stake is owned by a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, which has also made considerable discoveries in the region at its Stabroek Block offshore of nearby Guyana.

Mohd Redhani Abdul Rahman, the Vice President for Exploration at Petronas, said:

“The success of Roystonea-1 is expected to drive further exploration for commercially viable hydrocarbon resources in the surrounding areas. Petronas will continue to work closely with the host authority, Staatsolie, and partners to unlock Suriname’s hydrocarbon potential. We look forward to implementing safe and successful future exploration programmes together.”

Petronas also has other assets offshore of Suriname. It owns a 30% stake in Block 53, where oil was discovered by the operator APA Corporation at the Baja-1 well last year. It also holds the entire interest in Block 48, which it also operates.

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