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Quaker Houghton: Specialists in rust prevention

Houghton International and Quaker Chemical merged their expertise in 2019, becoming a leading manufacturer of process fluids for the industrial sector in both the metalworking and primary metals markets. With operations based in 25 different countries around the world, the company has an extensive presence, supplying thousands of the most cutting-edge and specialised aluminium, steel, aerospace, automotive, mining, offshore and metalworking enterprises across the globe.

With a highly skilled workforce of 4,000 that includes engineers, chemists and industry specialists, Quaker Houghton works alongside its customers, developing sustainable and innovative products that allow them to enhance operations and run more effectively. Serving the metalworking industry, the company is an expert in rust prevention and has developed a comprehensive range of solutions to safeguard enterprises’ equipment, investments and business interests from corrosion.

Understanding the dangers of rust

Rust is technically classified as iron oxide, and is created by the chemical reaction between oxygen and iron when moisture or water is present. A classic case of rust developing is an abandoned piece of machinery left outside. Exposed to the elements of wind and rain and left unprotected, metals like steel, which contain iron, will develop rust.

The process of rusting renders metal brittle and unstable, losing its structural integrity over time and becoming weakened. Left untreated over an extended period, this can lead to poor performance and a shorter lifespan for metal components. Rusted metal can no longer be relied on to perform its task effectively, so when it is part of a machine, it can become hazardous to operators. For example, a driver whose car chassis is rusting can be in serious danger when an accident occurs, and the vehicle can easily break apart.

To protect metal from oxidisation and other forms of corrosion, companies like Quaker Houghton have conducted extensive research and designed specific preventative oils.

Comprehensive rust protection in use or storage

Quaker Houghton’s rust preventative solutions have been designed to defend machinery against rust, whether they are in operation or out of service for long periods of time. Rust never sleeps, driving the company to develop Ensis DW 1255, a lubricant ideal for operations that store mechanical equipment with metal surfaces and parts. If the rust preventative is applied properly before storage, machinery will emerge from its hibernation rust-free and ready for active service. Featuring a rust inhibitor that is water displacing, the lubricant is solvent-free, protecting equipment and its components from the harm caused by moisture, air and detergents, among other forms of contamination. For convenience, it has exceptionally swift drying times and offers impressive demulsification properties.

Sealing parts and safeguarding against rust

The rust preventative lubricants formulated by Quaker Houghton offer a premium level of protection to individual components. Solutions like Ensis DW 1262, for example, create a temporary waxy film that coats parts, sealing them from unwanted air and repelling unwanted moisture, keeping rust at bay. This sealing process also ensures airborne particles and other debris cannot contaminate components and hinder performance. To ensure longevity, equipment users are well-advised to always treat metal machinery with a reliable and robust rust preventative.

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