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Safety-Kleen announces new range of sustainable base oils

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Used oil recycler Safety-Kleen has launched its new KLEEN+ family of base oils, which it claims are both more sustainable and superior in quality when compared to base oils refined from virgin crude oil.

With the company collecting in excess of 230 million gallons of used oil from over 100,000 partners each year, Safety-Kleen is the biggest recycler of used oil in North America. The collected used oil is then re-refined into the new KLEEN+ products that outperform conventional base oils as lubricants thanks to stronger molecular bonds. This process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 78% compared to the traditional refining process. It also requires much less feedstock than traditional refining.

In a statement, Safety-Kleen’s Dr. Joel Garrett, a Senior Vice President, said about the new range:

“KLEEN+ represents the ideal mixture of quality and sustainability. Safety-Kleen has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over many decades in developing the most advanced re-refining engineering technology and facilities—all to ensure the highest quality base oils that also combat climate change by attaining a low carbon profile.”

In the future, most oils will hopefully be recycled at the end of their serviceable life as part of the circular economy. In the meantime, our helpful team at TrAchem can help guide you to the most sustainable solutions available today. For example, the Klubersynth range and other advanced synthetic lubricants typically have a considerably longer service life when compared to mineral oils, meaning less oil needs to be bought and disposed of. Speak to us to learn more.

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