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Shell agrees SAF deal with Ryanair


Shell has closed a deal with Ryanair that will see it supply the airline with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at more than 200 European airports, although supplies will be particularly concentrated at London Stansted and Dublin airports, where the carrier has strong presences.

The delivery of 360,000 metric tons of SAF is expected to take place between 2025 and 2030. On its way to its goal of becoming a net-zero emitter by 2050, Ryanair aims to be using 12.5% SAF in its fuel mix by 2030. Thomas Fowler, the sustainability director at Ryanair, said the deal with Shell will take the airline a fifth of the way toward this goal.

Jan Toschka, the president of Shell Aviation, said about the deal:

“This initial agreement demonstrates that both companies recognise that SAF is the key to unlock a net zero future for aviation…Leadership and bold actions are needed to accelerate the decarbonisation of flight, and today’s announcement is a great example of this.”

Shell, which also makes popular lubricants like grease and spindle oil, produces SAF from renewable feedstock like woody biomass and used cooking oil, meaning that compared to conventional aviation fuel, lifecycle carbon emissions are reduced by up to 80%. Furthermore, when it is blended in equal proportions with conventional aviation fuel, it can be used as a drop-in replacement in today’s aircraft for an instant reduction in carbon intensity. The new deal will help Shell to move ahead with investing in scaling up the production of SAF.

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