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Shell launches new full synthetic heavy duty engine oil

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Energy major Shell has bolstered its range of fully synthetic, heavy-duty commercial vehicle oil by adding the Shell Rotella T6 10W-30.

The use of oils with a 10W-30 viscosity has been rapidly growing in popularity for diesel engines, so the new product will allow users to also enjoy the benefits of a synthetic oil. Compared to Shell’s existing Rotella 15W-40 and 10W-30 products that are based on conventional or semi-synthetic blends, the new product is expected to provide better wear protection, thereby helping to reduce maintenance expenses.

Shell’s North American manager for the Rotella brand, Annie Peter, said the new product:

“…provides drivers with added fuel economy and the confidence that their engine has the protection required for challenging workplace and leisure environments. It is also important to strengthen our portfolio of full synthetic engine oils in a viscosity grade that is becoming more widely used in modern diesel engines.”

In many cases, fleet operators can transition from using a 15W-40 engine oil to Shell Rotella T6 10W-30 and benefit from a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency. The new product has also been formulated to perform well in extreme temperatures, ensuring that oil flows more easily to critical engine components in cold conditions while also protecting engines in extremely hot environments.

The new product will be available from early next year. While Shell’s announcement applies to the North American market, it seems likely that an equivalent product developed for the UK’s truck fleet may become available in time.

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