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Shell makes digitalisation agreement with Kabal

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Energy company Shell, which is now headquartered in the UK, has come to a global agreement with Kabal, which provides software as a service (SaaS) solutions to energy companies to support their supply chains and logistics.

The agreement will support the company’s wider effort to digitalise processes, with affiliates of Shell around the world now enjoying access to the logistics management software developed by Kabal. This software has already been used by Shell for the planning and management of offshore activities in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Shell’s digital logistics solutions representative, Dirk Mosterman, said the company was always searching for new ways to support its operations and employees through technology, adding:

“The transition to the Kabal SaaS platform is a leap in our digitalisation journey. It enables simplified deployment and standardisation of Shell operations around the world. This also meets the increasing demand for supply chain responsiveness, resilience, and transparency—and ultimately for more efficient and sustainable operations.”

The CEO of Kabal, Jan Inge Pedersen, expressed his company’s pride at providing its software platform, which offers complete control of all transport, resources and cargo. He said the new agreement demonstrated how energy companies like Shell value the ability to minimise their environmental impact while also running efficiently.

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