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Shell promotes e-mobility with pop-up store


Together with Mercedes-Benz, Shell Recharge have set up a pop-up store at a filling station in Hamburg, Germany, where drivers can explore the advantages of using electric vehicles (EVs) or simply relax while their existing EVs are charging.

The peaceful site offers covered charging stations and an area where drivers can relax with a drink, or catch up with some work thanks to free Wi-Fi access. Customers who already drive a Mercedes-EQ will benefit from free charging and a free drink, as well as the option of having a free car wash between 8:30 am and 7:30 pm.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson is reported as saying:
“During the charging process, customers can find out about the latest Mercedes-EQ models, book a test drive and find out more about the ambitions of Mercedes-Benz and also Shell on the subject of e-mobility.”

The initiative aims to get some first-hand reports from EV drivers about their experiences charging their vehicles, as well as to inform them about the latest services and technological innovations that are being offered by Mercedes-Benz and Shell. It also hopes to engage with drivers of traditional vehicles and introduce them to the benefits of e-mobility.

It remains to be seen if we will see similar events on UK roadsides, but if you’re one of the many companies looking to electrify a fleet, remember that lubricant needs are vastly different for EVs. At TrAchem, we can complement traditional lubricants like Shell Rimula with Shell’s e-fluids and e-greases for EVs, as well as equivalent products from other brands.

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