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Shell returns to Aberdeen’s Union Street


Energy giant Shell has held a special ceremony to mark its return to Union Street in Aberdeen, where it established a presence in 1965 amid the discovery of oil and gas in the UK waters of the North Sea.

Shell’s new offices are located on a stretch known as the Granite Mile because most of the buildings are faced with grey granite. Shell, which also makes grease and lubricant products, says the Silver Fin Building, which already hosts a number of multinational corporations, will provide a contemporary work environment for its employees.

Some prominent business figures attended the event, including Sir Ian Wood. Simon Roddy, Shell’s boss for North Sea operations, oversaw the ceremony. He said his team were delighted at returning to Aberdeen’s city centre, adding that it marked a new beginning for the company’s presence in the north-east of Scotland. He also added:

“The feedback from our workforce is really positive and it is great to see the impact we are starting to have on neighbouring businesses. Our history in the Granite City is a rich one, and it’s great to be starting this exciting next chapter.”

Shell’s return to the city centre reflects a wider trend in the city, with many organisations migrating away from business parks located out of town to Aberdeen’s centre, having been attracted by smaller office spaces and cheaper rates. The return of Shell and other companies is expected to benefit businesses like cafes, retailers and restaurants by increasing the overall footfall.

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