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Shell Starship 3.0 to use renewable natural gas

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The next iteration of Shell’s Starship, a technology platform to demonstrate how the heavy transport sector can decarbonise, will test renewable natural gas as a fuel.

Previous versions of Starship have reduced energy consumption through an aerodynamic design, advanced lubricants, tyres with lower rolling resistance and a more efficient drivetrain, as well as a 5KW solar array to reduce the load from the alternator. The third version will go a step further by using a Cummins X15 engine fuelled by Shell’s own renewable natural gas (RNG). This fuel can be used in transport vehicles as a drop-in replacement for compressed or liquefied natural gas, but it has a lower carbon intensity because it is made from organic waste.

Shell’s vice president for lubricants and fuels, Dr. Selda Gunsel, said about the upcoming vehicle:

“Shell Starship 3.0 will feature some of the best-in-class technologies which are leading the way forward in helping decarbonise the heavy transport sector. The combination of Shell RNG fuels for fleets and quality, low-friction Shell Rotella lubricants made a natural gas engine a great choice for the next evolution of Starship.”

In August, Shell Starship 3.0 will be tested for efficiency on the same route as previous iterations, with it starting in San Diego, California and then travelling across the United States to arrive at Jacksonville, Florida.

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