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Specialist refrigeration oils from Fuchs

German multinational Fuchs Petrolub SE is a world-renowned manufacturer of premium lubrication products. Headquartered in Mannheim and operating internationally, the company was founded back in 1931.

Since then, Fuchs has claimed a name for itself with an extensive range of diverse products that includes automotive solutions for agricultural, stationary and plant machinery, as well as transmission fluids and oils for motorcycles and cars. It also creates lubricants for the industrial sector, with dedicated products for use in both metalworking and hydraulics. Environmentally considerate and forward thinking, it has also developed a range of entirely biodegradable offering with its “Planto Range”.

Another area that Fuchs excels is in producing oils designed to serve in refrigeration systems – it has developed a built-for-purpose range of refrigeration oils that are based on synthetic esters. In the next passages, we’ll look at the many jobs a refrigeration oil must perform and examine the specialist series Fuchs has engineered to serve refrigeration systems.

Understanding refrigeration oils

In a refrigeration system, a refrigeration oil must perform multiple roles. It acts as functional fluid and hydraulic control, as well as supplying refrigeration compressors with their required lubricating oil, while influenced by the system’s refrigerant. Although for cooling purposes, the system’s working fluid is actually the refrigerant, the oil or lubricant is crucial to lubricating all of the compressor’s individual mechanical components. Here, the oil has two tasks – firstly, to keep any mechanical wear caused by friction to an absolute minimum, and secondly, to form and maintain a strong seal between the low and high side of the system’s compressor.

Introducing the Fuchs Reniso C series

The Fuchs Reniso C series comprises of a select assortment of refrigeration oils, which have been developed using a technique involving specifically designed synthetic esters. The range of products has been created employing a package of high performing additives in order to reach the maximum potential for wear protection levels, even during exposure to the harshest operating conditions. The Fuchs Reniso C oils are also characterised by their exceptional ability to mix with CO2 refrigerant.

Leading the range is Fuchs Reniso C85E, offering exceptional thermal stability that allows it to work efficiently at the most extreme temperatures, from high heat to low cold. This property empowers equipment operators with reduced downtime, as unexpected maintenance is kept to a minimum. This means machinery can keep working undisturbed, delivering greater productivity and lowering costs. Fuchs Reniso C85E also provides outstanding lubrication, performing at optimum even when facing exposure to levels of excessive pressure in a CO2 atmosphere.

The lubricants in the Fuchs Reniso C series are specially designed to be compatible with multiple refrigeration systems that employ a carbon dioxide-type refrigerant. On account of their optimal miscibility qualities, an excellent amount of oil reflux is always guaranteed, particularly when lower evaporation temperatures are involved. This allows this well-designed range of oils from Fuchs to be used with almost every refrigeration system employed in the fields of both industrial and commercial refrigeration, from walk-in style freezer units to aggregate-type cooling systems.

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