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Spectro Scientific announces new software and companion kits

Version 11 of the software for the MicroLab oil analysis system has been announced by Spectro Scientific, in addition to the release of some new companion kits.

The new software features an updated user interface that now enables external data to be imported and used to generate consolidated reports, which can now include a number of elements related to oil and equipment condition that were not possible in previous versions. It also features some new signal processing options.

Spectro’s MicroLab 40 is used for the onsite analysis of oil in fleets where vehicles feature heavy equipment gears and transmissions or hydraulic components. This can include off-road construction and mining vehicles, but also some on-road applications. By monitoring the condition of oils like Mobil Delvac SGO 75W90, the system can provide a comprehensive assessment of the oil and equipment condition and suggest maintenance actions.

Some new companion kits have also been added to the MicroLab series. Thry combine some of Spectro’s other technologies with the MicroLab 30 and 40 systems to enable comprehensive fluid analysis in areas such as measuring fuel dilution and analysing ferrous wear and coolants.

Spectro’s President and CEO, Brian Mitchell, said about the release of the kits:

“This next phase of the MicroLab development reinforces Spectro’s commitment to bring the best of our technologies and expertise to our customers for onsite oil analysis. Our fleet customers will benefit from enhanced performance and capability for better decision-making within their maintenance programs.”

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