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Spindle oil – what is it and why use it?

A broad range of spindle oil products are available from market leading manufacturers such as Shell, Mobil and Q8. These specially formulated lubricants offer an impressive level of performance, and contain additives that protect machinery from the deposit build-up, oxidation, foaming and corrosion that can damage valuable equipment.

What do spindle oils do?

The range of products on the market include advanced, multi-purpose spindle oils for the lubrication of factory and machine plant tools, as well as general machinery. Specially selected additives contained in such formulas can minimise machine friction by up to 25%, as compared to inferior products. The use of spindles often causes stick slip and juddering, and the best spindle oils can also help to reduce this – without the use of tackiness agents. This means that less dust or abrasive particles are attracted to the spindle system, resulting in lower wear to machinery as well as a higher performance.

Some premium spindle oils are designed specifically for use with high-speed spindles, such as those present within some types of machinery. Examples include circulation and critical hydraulic systems. Such oils offer a superlative performance, and also have additives that protect from surplus water build-up.

What are some of the recommended spindle oils?

Q8 recommends its Dynobear range for the lubrication of spindles. These oils are available in a choice of viscosities, and each is more suited to certain applications than others. The Q8 Dynobear range comprises a selection of multi-purpose lubricants that have been created for the oiling of factory plant, tools and general machinery. The formulas even include additives – without tackiness agents – that are capable of minimising friction, deposit and dust accumulation. They may also eradicate the juddering and stick slip that often occur, thereby reducing wear.

Mobil’s Velocite lubricants are also well suited to a number of spindle types. These premium oils are primarily designed for the lubrication of high-speed spindle systems, and are often used in critical hydraulic or circulation systems – and even aeroplanes. The products offer a low viscosity base, and their additives offer great resistance to corrosives, oxidation and foaming. The use of Mobil spindle oils can thus reduce deposit formation, improving equipment life and reducing downtime and costs.

Shell also produces spindle oil products, such as the Shell Morlina S2 BL series. These are solvent refined mineral oil formulas offering low viscosity and featuring zinc-free additives. This ensures a prolonged and improved performance when used with the high-speed spindles contained within machine tools.

Specialist spindle oils made by manufacturers such as Shell, Q8 and Mobil include a selection of top quality, low viscosity oils. These are ideal for high speed machine tool spindle applications, and some may also be suited to hydraulic systems. They will typically contain specially chosen additives to enhance performance and guard against damage caused by rusting, wear, oxidation and corrosion.

High-speed operations, such as those performed by spindles within machine tools, do necessitate careful selection of the most appropriate spindle oil. Using the best formula for your needs can prolong spindle life, ensure smooth operations and even increase productivity.

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