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Study predicts renewables will dominate next year

According to EnAppSys, an energy market analyst, renewable energy will supplant fossil fuels as the UK’s dominant form of energy generation in 2020.

The UK wind industry has been enjoying considerable success over the past years, thanks to overall improvements in the industry, such as efficiency, lower production costs, and continually improving lubrication, such as Mobil SHC Gear 320 WT from Mobil distributors. Onsite wind has emerged as one of the cheapest forms of new energy generation, while even offshore wind power came in surprisingly cheap in the last round of reverse auctions for UK Government subsidies.

It’s therefore not entirely surprising that the report predicts that renewable electricity generation will reach 121.3 terawatt-hours, somewhat more than the 95.9 produced in 2018, although this was already an increase of 15.2% on the previous year. Conversely, an opposing trend is predicted for generation from gas and coal, with it dropping from 130.9 terawatt-hours in 2018 to 105.6 terawatt-hours in 2020.

The study’s predictions are based on current trends continuing, with renewable generation increasing and fossil fuel generation decreasing at the same annual rates. Despite growing renewable electricity generation, gas-fired generation has remained fairly stable, mostly because coal-fired generation has taken most of the hit, having dropped by 89% over the last six years.

Paul Verrill, director at EnAppSys, said:

“With the moratorium on onshore wind and reductions in capital cost of offshore wind farms, it is likely that more of these offshore projects will come on stream in future years, which will drive even higher levels of renewable output.”

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