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The benefits of using Mobil DTE oil in your machinery

The Mobil DTE range of lubricants is for machinery that requires a high-performance, is long lasting and has advanced properties.

What is Mobil DTE oil?

Mobil DTE oil is formulated with a highly refined base oil with additives, which improves its performance. Stable and water resistant, the oil has a high viscosity index, which means that the film thickness remains steady at all temperatures and results in minimum power loss when machinery is warming up.

Mobil DTE oil is available as Mobil DTE Light, Medium, Heavy Medium and Heavy grades. Mobil has a full datasheet on the properties of the oil, which can be found on its website.

Who uses Mobile DTE oil?

Mobile DTE oil is suitable for a wide range of uses. The range is widely used in steam turbines and hydro turbines, but it is also suitable for use in machines that operate in or near the sea, as the oil is not affected by saltwater and can also help protect against its corrosive effect.

Any machinery that involves pumps or valves can benefit from using DTE oil. The DTE range is recommended for natural gas compression and rotary air compressor machines.

The long-lasting properties of Mobil DTE oil make it ideal for plain and roller bearings that operate continuously.

Many businesses have used Mobil DTE Oil for decades and are so satisfied with the oil’s performances that they would not use any other oil. DTE is the oil of choice for equipment used by many businesses all over the world.

What are the benefits?

Companies choose Mobil DTE oils because of their proven benefits. ExxonMobil spends a great deal on research and development to make sure that its oils perform excellently.

The DTE oil range is very thermal and chemically stable. This means that there is a long period between oil changes and machines have less equipment downtime.

The anti-wear properties of the oil mean that equipment lasts longer and there should be less downtime for repairs.

Mobil DTE oils protect against rust and corrosion, which also contributes to equipment lasting longer. They also boast a high resistance to foaming, and this avoids noisy, erratic operation and pump cavitation.

This range of oils has multiple applications too, which means that businesses need to buy fewer different types of oil. This rationalises inventory organisation and costs.

Health and safety and safe disposal

Businesses have a duty to protect the wellness of their employees. When Mobil DTE oils are used correctly, they will not be a health hazard. Mobil provides a Material Safety Data Sheet which, when followed, will make sure that all applications of the oil are safe.

Like all oil products, used Mobile DTE oil should be safely disposed of in ways that conform to local environmental regulations.

For a versatile high-performance oil, choose Mobil DTE Light to Heavy grades. Choose the grade recommended by the manufacturer of your equipment.

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