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Three key industries covered by Kluber Lubrication

In operation for over 80 years, Kluber Lubrication has risen to become a world leader in producing speciality lubrication solutions for a diverse range of sectors. With a research and development department staffed by over 150 expert engineers, the company presently produces over 2,000 types of lubrication, including oils, pastes, fluids and greases.

In the following passages, we’ll take an in depth look at three of the multiple industries that Kluber creates lubricants for.

Automotive lubrication for smooth running

In terms of serving the automotive industry, Kluber understands that lubrication provides vehicles with smooth and seamless operation. From a central locking system that functions swiftly to seats that slide easily into position and effortless gear changes, a superior driver experience can be achieved with a high-quality lubricant at work. Advanced lubrication can add life to vehicle operations through optimising the performance of shafts, gearboxes and engines by sealing and protecting them from harmful debris and ensuring friction is negated. With over 250 points of friction, Kluber have created lubrication solutions to effectively answer them all, keeping the automotive sector well served with an indispensable and invisible product working behind the scenes.

Efficient operations in the automation industry

Over the years, the industrial sector has shown an increasing use of automation, from car carrying conveyor systems in auto manufacturer’s plants to robot units working in the machine building sector. Kluber have crafted carefully formulated lubrication that ensures the equipment involved on automated operations avoids the disruption of downtime for repairs when damage occurs. With an expert knowledge of the complex requirements of the components used in automated production lines, it has developed lubrication products that can not only prevent unwanted breakdowns occurring, but can also extend normal maintenance intervals raising equipment availability.

Automated processes, such as assembly lines that experience periods of downtime, can have a harmful effect on productivity, leading to significant economic losses for companies. Ensuring a premium lubricant is used that has been designed in line with an equipment manufacturer’s specifications is crucial to efficient operations.

Serving the food industry

Finally, for enterprises operating in the food sector, Kluber has developed lubrication options with an understanding that safety is a crucial factor for any successful operation. Products becoming contaminated can lead to costly waste, or worse – the endangerment of consumers’ health, which can deal a heavy blow to a business’s public image. To combat these unfortunate scenarios occurring, Kluber have engineered lubricants using an effective but seldom considered strategy where food-grade oils of high-quality are employed. The food-grade lubricants produced by Kluber have not only been designed with safety issues in mind, but can optimise uptime of food manufacturing operations, increasing an enterprise’s productivity.

Kluber keeps a watchful eye on the latest technological advances and equipment manufacturing to produce cleverly designed lubrication products that fulfil essential requirements like wear protection and friction reduction. With an understanding that every sector has its own unique needs, it works to ensure it can always provide dedicated lubrication for each industry and its multiple applications.

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