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Top advantages and functions of cutting fluids in metal machining

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The main jobs of metalworking fluids include lubricating, corrosion control, cooling and chip removal. Today, cutting fluids play an important role in the process of metalworking. During metal machining, vast amounts of heat are generated due to friction. The heat produced must be transferred to protect both the tool and the workpiece. Below, we examine these essential metalworking fluids, the crucial role they perform and their benefits.

What is a cutting fluid?

Cutting fluids are a type of lubricant and coolant that are specifically designed for metalworking. These fluids are applied in the machining zone to reduce friction levels between tool, chip, and workpiece.

Fluids are also utilised for chip flushing and to prevent rust during machining. The cutting fluids can also be employed for other effects and processes in metalworking operations.

What is the main function of using cutting fluid?

The primary function of cutting fluid is removing heat. The fluids can cool down both the tool and the workpiece. During the cutting process, the fluid passes over them and heat is extracted by conduction. To reduce thermal stress and expansion, heat removal is vital.

Further functions and advantages of cutting fluids

Fluids flush loose chips to clear the cutting zone and cool the workpiece when high cutting speeds are in use. They can keep the workpiece at a fixed temperature while cutting down thermal distortion, improving the quality of the work. Cutting fluids also prevent corrosion of equipment components.

Cutting fluids can help ensure the workplace remains stable, extend the active service life of the cutting tip through lubrication of its working edge, and help to reduce tip welding.

Different types of cutting fluid

Cutting fluids are divided into four categories. These include soluble oils, straight oils, semi-synthetic fluids and synthetic fluids. Each class of cutting fluid has attributes that allow operators to perform efficient and high-quality metalworking.

Selecting the appropriate cutting fluids for your operation

Choosing the right cutting fluids is key as fluids have a direct impact on productivity, tool life and operating costs. Selection of a fluid can vary depending on the operating methods in use and machining conditions.

Cutting fluids must be chemically stable under normal and extreme conditions. They must also be able to effectively disperse heat from the cutting zone. Finally, cutting fluids should always evaporate quickly. A solution that ticks all of these boxes is well worth adding to your next order.

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