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TotalEnergies and Clariter produce ultra-pure solvents from waste plastic

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Following 18 months of co-operation between TotalEnergies Fluids and Clariter, the two companies have announced that they have found a way to use plastic scraps to make ultra-pure solvents for use in highly demanding markets.

Ultra-pure solvents meet the strictest pharmacopeia purity standards, and they are frequently used in products like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. By using solvents produced from waste feedstock rather than virgin materials, the development has the potential to make such products more sustainable. Clariter’s scientific director, Daria Frączak, said about this:

“We are offering an alternative obtained from plastic. This contributes to the circular economy and reduces the dependency on new fossil feedstocks because we can achieve this high quality and purity from feedstocks we already have.”

TotalEnergies contributed its extensive knowledge of industry standards to Clariter’s expertise in upcycling plastics to develop the process, which is based on Clariter’s proprietary “defossilization” technology. This process begins with using thermal cracking to produce short-chain hydrocarbons from long-chain polymers. The resulting vapour is then subjected to a process that uses hydrogen to remove unwanted impurities to produce solvents, oils and waxes that are both sustainable and high in quality. TotalEnergies then uses its Hydro-De-Aromatization technology to transform the material into ultra-pure solvents for the most demanding applications.

TotalEnergies is, of course, no stranger to high-quality products, with it making advanced metalworking and food safe fluids for industry. Call our helpful team at TrAchem to learn how lubricants from the Total brand could benefit your organisation.

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